Playing its part among a small but highly capable team of specialists, ACAM Instrumentation has assisted in the development of the data-acquisition system for the Quicksilver craft, and is furnishing a variety of sensors and transducers.

When approaching its centenary year, Accles and Pollock manufactured the aircraft-grade steel tubing from which the spaceframe element of Quicksilver’s main hull structure was built.

A leading specialist in automotive (particularly motorsport), marine and aerospace fuel system design, development and manufacture, Advanced Fuel Systems is responsible for Quicksilver’s highly innovative fuel system.

With its extensive experience and expertise in the manufacture, repair and overhaul of gas turbine componentry, AIS (Smiths Aerospace Burnley) manufactured Quicksilver’s jet engine exhaust pipe (jetpipe) and jetpipe-to-engine adaptor by modifying standard units originally fitted to an RAF Buccaneer strike aircraft.

At the forefront of steel cutting and welding technology for well over 100 years, BOC undertook the extensive welding during fabrication of the spaceframe element of Quicksilver’s main hull structure.